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From 1  September 2019, new traffic rules will be enacted regarding electric scooters in France:

They may not be used on public roads (pavements, traffic lanes or bike path).

In addition, any deliberately dangerous behavior endangering the lives of others is punishable by the possibility of 1 year's imprisonment and a €15,000 fine.

They may be used on private roads (e.g., road on private property, driveway to private residence).

In Paris, self-service scooter parking on the pavement is not allowed. This offence is punishable by a €49 fine. You will also have to pay the impoundment costs.
The user of an electric scooter (including self-service scooters) is required to have third party liability insurance. This insurance covers damage caused to others (injury to a pedestrian, material damage to another vehicle, etc.). It is recommended to contact your insurer to, for example, adapt your home insurance policy or take out a specific insurance policy. You can take out civil liability insurance for electric scooters via Force Moov.
From the beginning of the 2019 school year, you must abide by new rules when riding an electric scooter:

To take full advantage of your electric scooter for as long as possible, read the following recommendations carefully:

To maximize your battery’s life, please follow these instructions:

Your Force Moov scooter has an IPx4 (splash-proof) protection rating. You can therefore use it in light rain and after the rain on wet ground, skirting around puddles and riding at moderate speeds (to avoid skidding). Remember to dry the scooter before folding it then stand it upright so that water does nor seep into the battery compartment.
The Force Moov scooter tires are puncture-proof and normally don't need to be changed. If the tires are excessively worn you can replace them. Please contact our after-sales support service about the applicable procedure at aftersales@force-moov.com
Yes, you can replace the battery at your home. To refer to the battery replacement procedure, please contact our technical support service: aftersales@force-moov.com
Yes, you can order some parts on our website or through our technical support service. Please contact them for more information: aftersales@force-moov.com
Our technical department can carry out repairs outside the guarantee or on special request.
The serial number is engraved under the front wheel on the folding part.
The bell and levers are mounted upside down on new products to protect them from breakage during transport and ensure that these fragile parts do not get damaged.
The scooter is supplied with Allen keys so that you can mount them the right way round and adjust the viewing angle of the screen and the level settings to your liking.
You can’t. The new road safety rules require that you are visible when you use electric vehicles. The front and rear lights must always be on when you are using your scooter.
The Force Moov scooter usually appears in the list under the name of Scooter. If you can’t see it, please check that:
1. Your scooter is on
2. Your smartphone's Bluetooth is on
3. The location (your position) is activated on your smartphone (in the general settings of your phone) and for the app.
4. On the Bluetooth pairing page, you will see the list of available devices. If you do not see the name Scooter, it might be at the bottom of the list. Try scrolling through the entire list.
The user guide is available by clicking here
You can contact the after-sales support service on +33 (0)8 99 49 08 10
(call charged at 0.40 cents/minute + local call price in France).
Or send an email to aftersales@force-moov.com describing the problem you are experiencing. A Force Moov technician will answer you quickly to tell you what to do.
You can reach the France after-sales support procedure by clicking here