General terms of guarantee

1. Terms and conditions

Strongly convinced of the quality of its Force Glass, Force Case and Force Power Products (hereinafter designated, indifferently, the “Product” and/or the “Products” ), both as regards their design and their performance, Bigben Connected grants a lifetime warranty for this Product range according to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. Bigben Connected warrants that upon their date of purchase, the Products comply with the applicable European safety and quality standards and are free from material or manufacturing defects.

Therefore, in compliance with the conditions detailed below, this warranty may be invoked by consumers in which the Product was sold by Bigben Connected or by one of its authorised resellers/retailers

The Bigben Connected lifetime warranty does not affect the two-year guarantee of conformity of consumer goods laid down in 1649bis to 1649 octies of the Civil Code, as well as the guarantee against hidden defects laid down in articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code, to the extent that their provisions are imperative or public policy.

The lifetime warranty of Bigben Connected covers all material or manufacturing defects of the products for use in normal conditions and in compliance with the notice, for the first customer user after registration on our website within 30 days of purchase.

To benefit from the Force Glass / Force Case / Force Power warranty and obtain, under the below terms and conditions, a replacement of the warrantied Product due to material or manufacturing defects, you must present your proof of purchase and follow the procedure indicated during your registration on the website

2. Definition of the scope of application

The lifetime warranty for the products is limited to the terms and conditions outlined below and are solely applicable to the original purchaser of authentic Products (hereinafter the “Customer(s)”.

The lifetime warranty is personal and non-transferable and only applies to Products purchased new from Bigben Connected or a reseller/retailer (**) which has been approved by the brand.

The Bigben Connected lifetime warranty does not include damage caused normal wear, accidents, breakages, falls, improper use, negligence, fire, contact with liquids of any other external cause, damage resulting from use non-compliant with the instructions, repair or maintenance performed by a person not authorised by our services, counterfeit Products or stolen Products which do not have an identification number or Products on which the number was modified. Examples of normal wear include: the natural degradation of colours and materials due to the obsolescence of the Product.

Moreover, this Warranty notably does not cover the following situations:
• Defect or deterioration due to incorrect installation of the Product,
• Usage not compliant for the use for which the Product is designed,
• Modifications made to the Product,
• Failure to regularly clean the Product,
• Defects of deterioration caused by accident or fortuitous events

3. Registration of the Product

You must imperatively register your Product to activate and benefit from the Warranty as well as other benefits associated with the Product. Register online at the address and you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Note: The lifetime warranty is limited to one product exchange per year, subject to your registration within 30 days of your purchase.

4. Bigben Connected commitment

The lifetime warranty is valid for the period in which the initial purchaser is owner of the Products (hereinafter the “Customer(s)”). If the product manufacturing is interrupted, the Force Glass / Force Case / Force Power warranty is limited to five (5) years from the date of interruption of manufacturing of the Product. - The sole obligation of Bigben Connected in the framework of this express warranty is, at its discretion and expense, to exchange the defective Products returned by the Customer. If this option of exchange is not reasonably available or possible, Bigben Connected will grant a total or partial reimbursement to the Customer for the defective Products, taking into account the number of years in which these Products have been sold. The defective articles returned and covered by the Force Glass / Force Case / Force Power warranty shall become the property of Bigben Connected.

5. Recourse to the warranty

The Customer must connect to his/her account created during the registration and contact the customer service Force Glass / Force Case / Force Power during the period of the warranty in force in order to obtain permission to access the services provided in the framework of this warranty.

For more information, refer to the authentic Product documentation or consult the website .

A dated proof of purchase issued by Bigben Connected or its reseller/retailer (**) will be requested of you. A Returned Material Authorisation number (RMA) will be requested from you. This number must be indicated on the exterior of the Product packaging sent to the Force Glass / Force Case / Force Power Service Centre. The Product must be correctly packaged for completely safe transit and the postage costs must be paid. The Customer is liable for any losses or damage sustained in transit up until the returned product is received by Bigben Connected. Bigben Connected will then be liable for the risks of loss or damage up until the article is delivered to the Customer.

6. Exclusive nature of the warranty and disclaimers

To the extent authorised by the law, the above warranties and recourse are exclusive and replace all other warranties or terms and conditions, explicit or implied, organised de facto or by agreement, including, in particular, the guarantees, sales terms and conditions, adaptation to individual use, satisfactory quality, accuracy of description, compliance and user comfort; all of these liabilities are expressly declined.

Bigben Connected does not assume and does not authorise any other person to assume in its stead and/or on their own behalf any other liability relating to the sale, the installation or the use of these Products. Bigben Connected may not be held liable in the framework of this warranty if tests and examinations reveal that the fault of malfunction announced for the Products does not exist or was caused by improper use, negligence, incorrect installation or tests, or by any other cause outside the scope of the intended use, or by accident.

Bigben Connected shall not be liable in the framework of this Warranty if the event of non-authentic Products. Bigben Connected will not accept, repair, reimburse or return Products which are not authentic Force Glass / Force Case / Force Power products.

Limit of liability: Bigben Connected excludes from the performance of the lifetime warranty for itself, its resellers and it suppliers all liability for direct and/or indirect damages, except in the case of gross or intentional negligence on their part or that which results from non-performance of a main obligation of the contract. The use, performances of operation of Force Glass / Force Case / Force Power products, even if Bigben Connected or its approved reseller/retailer (**) was informed of the possibility of such damages, and limits its liability to the replacement or reimbursement of the purchase price, at the discretion of Bigben Connected. This limit of liability concerning damages shall not be affected if recourse laid down in this warranty does not fulfil its main function.

7. Consumer rights

Every consumer has legal rights conferred by consumer legislation. This may vary from one country to another. Consumer rights conferred by national legislation are not affected by this warranty.

This warranty is provided by Bigben Connected (TCR 403 361 439) CRT 2 - 396-466 Rue de la Voyette - 59273 FRETIN – France

(**) Force Glass / Force Case / Force Power Products purchased from retailers or resellers that remove or modify the labels and/or identification numbers thereof are considered to be unauthorized. Force Glass / Force Case / Force Power Products purchased from unauthorized resellers are also considered to be unauthorized. No guarantee will apply to these Products, as their authenticity cannot be confirmed.